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Karazhan Complete!
Nov 20, 07 11:57 AM
Prince down
Nov 17, 07 11:17 PM
Congrats Bubble Hearth!
Nov 11, 07 3:42 AM
Regular SH! Follow-Up
Oct 28, 07 7:57 PM
I did it again
Oct 24, 07 1:50 PM


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We are recruiting the following Classes:

Druids-Any Spec
Rouges-Currently Closed
Hunters-Any Spec
Mages-Any Spec
Paladins-Any Spec
Priests-Any Spec
Shaman-Any Spec
Warlocks-Any Spec
Warriors-Any Spec

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Welcome to Bubble Hearth!

This site is dedicated to one of Medivh's first and most skilled Paladin players...Marchosias. Marchosias passed away September 29th, 2007. Bubble Hearth was created by Marchosias in mid 2006. Originally consisting of only family and close friends, we are now expanding our guild in hopes of meeting new people and making new friends. If you are interested in applying or just being apart of our online family, please feel free to fill out an application and sign up for our forums.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Other Guild News

Karazhan Complete!

Valach, Nov 20, 07 11:57 AM.
I want to Congratulate everyone that has been a part of our Karazhan runs. We got Prince down on our 2nd weekend of running Kara. We still have a few kinks to work out but above all we are doing GREAT. Congrats and thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to the game.

Prince down

539254274_Inactive, Nov 17, 07 11:17 PM.
Grats to everyone on downing prince great job guys. Special grats go out to Alyzabeth on getting The Decapitator, to Gredis on getting Shard of the Virtuous, to Foxxster on getting Emerald Ripper, to Captmike on getting Worgen Claw Necklace, to Valach on getting Boots of Foretelling, to Thradinn on getting Demon Stalker Greathelm, and to Jagermester on getting Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy. Keep up the good work!!

Congrats Bubble Hearth!

Valach, Nov 11, 07 3:42 AM.
I want to congratulate the guild on their first Karazhan run. We cleared all the way to Prince. Everyone that showed up did one Hell of a job in there. Thanks to everyone that came and hope to see you this coming week in Kara again. Sign up for the next run guys!

Regular SH! Follow-Up

Valach, Oct 28, 07 7:57 PM.
I had to cancel it. Not enough players online!

I did it again

539253525_Inactive, Oct 24, 07 1:50 PM.
I am catching up with you guys 6 more levels to go!!!!

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